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Some upcoming RP plans.
Piandao's waterfall
the_flowergirl wrote in dweebery_ooc
Tomorrow (it was was originally Wenesday, but Angel's plan changed), we will have the meeting between Zuko and the Ambassador to Ashra, Kyung. The current players we will need for this meeting are: Aang, Katara, Zuko, Mai, Ambassaador Kyung and Adviser Chen-chi.


The war meeting, which is being discussed pretty much everywhere in this RP, has been moved to a day or time when the most people can respond to keep it smoothly rolling. (And we have some loose ends storywise to tie up before we get to the war meeting.) What days and times would work best for everyone? Please respond in this thread.

We also are trying something new. Threads that have more than two people playing at one time will now have an order in which they post. (i,e: Zuko, Kyung, Aang, Chen-chi, Mai.)  If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to pm myself or any of the other mods.

Thanks for playing and keep up the good work!


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Normally, M-F I'm available after 6:00ish
Sat/Sun I'm available anytime, it varies but if you ask I can probably be there!

This week though I'm free anytime aside from tomorrow until after work. *nods*

I'm always available between 9-4, then later in the evening if the need arises, like after 5 or 6 until 8 or 9. Not too late as I am an old woman though.

I'm available pretty much every evening from about 8pm or so. Also depending on my work days (they vary from week to week) I can be available most weekends too with enough notice. n_n

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