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Character Claim
yukinoomoni wrote in dweebery_ooc
Hello everyone! This is Omoni, your most annoying moderator.

Recently and unfortunately, life has claimed the time and participation of two of our members, rosemusek and heyyoitsmj. This post is first and foremost a heartfelt farewell to both of these members, with much luck given to them in their busy future and a promise that there will always be a place for them in the future if they would like to come back.

However, now this means that we have two characters - Iroh and Ty Lee - open for claims. We will still be retaining their journals, so there is no need to unadd them from your character accounts, but we do need new Mundanes to step up and dress in their clothes.

So, this is also an applications post! If you would like to apply for Iroh or Ty Lee, please use the following form (without spaces) in your comment to this post.

< b > Name < /b >:
< b > Character Applying For < /b >:
< b > Other Characters Played (if applicable) < /b >:
< b > Journal Example < /b >:
< b > Role-playing Example < /b >:

People who are already a part of the RP are welcome to apply, however, special consideration will be given to first-time appliers in the name of fairness. If you have any concerns, please reply here or PM myself, the_flowergirl, or angelchan_2004.

Thanks to everyone here, and seriously I love you all like a two-dollar whore for making this RP so much fun and shiny!

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I might want Ty Lee, if no one else volunteers

Hey, your code is showing.

Yep! It's to copy and paste for applications.

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